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The International Circle

THE INTERNATIONAL CIRCLE offers a cosmopolitan circle of people from Switzerland and abroad the opportunity for a cultivated exchange of views at a top level in a discreet setting.   Get inspired by the wonderfully chosen locations, the warm welcome and atmosphere and build up interesting social and business


Golf for Africa

"I AM TOMORROW'S FUTURE"   Like the vision and the guiding principle of the Roger Foundation Foundation, this event focuses on the education and the future of children living in Africa.   Roger Federer Foundation supports educational projects in the region of southern Africa and Switzerland. The focus in


Cashmere House Lamm

Since 1935, Cashmere House Lamm has been a traditional family-owned house, which is dedicated to the sale of exclusive cashmere knitwear. Today it is run by the 4th generation of Natascha Lamm in St. Moritz. The largest selection of cashmere knitwear in the world: 4,000