dress to impact
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dress to impact

training program (for woman only): the impact of the look to our life and to our success. looking more energetic, fitter and redesigning your image to leverage your success.

Women who want to take their image to the next level. Dress to Impact is an image management program that creates a fundamental change in the life of a career woman.

Exclusively designed for women, Dress to Impact provides the secrets of making a strong visual impact, using the appearance and the look . Dress to Impact gives practical tips and the fundamental rules of dressing for various occasions and helps women to create a dressing style that is consistent with their authentic self and that makes them feel confident and comfortable .

Rediscover yourself, discover your body, learn which messages you transmit to the outer world and bring your visual impact and your confidence to the next level by using the secrets of image management.

Let your new image open you new doors!


7. Oktober 2017